Motorbike Tour: Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Slovenia

This continental tour will guide us through hidden treasures of northern parts of Croatia and also of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

First day we drive the Adriatic main road to Dalmatia and its urban centre, Split. Afterwards we detach to the canyons of rivers that guide us to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its cities of Mostar and Sarajevo and later head to Slavonia.

Slavonia, ‘’the granary of Croatia’’, is situated on the east of Croatia and it is known for its fertile ground, numerous fields, hardworking people and excellent white wine from its vineyards.

After we leave the planes of Slavonia, curvy roads will lead us through small cities and villages of continental Croatia all to way to Zagorje and Zagreb.

Zagreb, a capital of Croatia, is definitely a city worth seeing. With its size it won’t compete with other capitals of Europe but with its richness of culture and life it definitely will. After sightseeing of the Capital, the tour will guide us to Zagorje, a picturesque hilly region next to Slovenia and its capital, Ljubljana. From Ljubljana we are heading back towards Selce and our adventure slowly comes to an end.

Tour description:

1. Day: Arrival to Selce // After arrival and a welcome drink there is a short introduction and informing about a tour plan. Afterwards a dinner in a local fish restaurant.

2. Day: Selce – Split // Our first tour guide us to south. By curvy coastal road we go down to Zadar and Split. After arriving in a pension, a short break and a welcome drink we are getting ready to explore Split. You will surely fell in love in this widely known tourist city and its historical features.

Departure: 9.30 am // Arrival: 5.00 pm // Length of the tour: 320 km

2. DaySplit – Sarajevo  // After breakfast with an amazing sea view, we will say goodbye to our hosts and friends and head to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our first stop is Mostar, a famous city from16th century famous for its magnificent bridge and the symbol of South meets West. The canyon of the river Neretva will guide us to north, to the capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo.

Departure: 9.00 am // Arrival: 5.00 pm // Length of the tour: 300 km

3. Day: Sarajevo – Ilok //We leave   and drive to Slavonia. Our daily goal is Slavonia. the eastern region of Croatia known for excellent white wines. On the way to Slavonia, we stop in a little place called Ilok, situated on the bank of the Danube and famous for its oldest wine cellar from 15th century.

Departure: 9.00 am // Arrival: 7.00 pm // Length of the tour: 380 km

5.Day: Ilok – Zagreb // From Ilok we drive through Slavonian fields to Pozega hollow also known as the ‘’Golden valley’’. Aftewards we are heading to Daruvar, a city known for hot water springs from were we drive to Zagreb. As we arrive to Zagreb, we have a short break and are getting ready to experience everything a Croatian capital has to offer.

Departure: 9.00 am // Arrival: 6.00 pm // Length of the tour: 300 km

6.Day: Zagreb – Ljubljana // We begin our day with a good breakfast and a coffee in one pedestrian parts of the city. We pack our things and heading over Medvednica to the hills and castles of Zagorje from where we enter Slovenia. We continue to its capital, Ljubljana.

Departure: 8.00 am    Arrival: 7.00 pm   Length of the tour: 200 km

7.Day: Ljubljana – Selce// We will use the proximity of these two places to make a round tour of Slovenia. After driving a total of 1500 km throughout different sceneries, we are happy to finally arrive to our starting point and common dinner in a fish restaurant Riva.

Departure: 9.30 am    Arrival: 4.00 pm   Length of the tour: 240 km

8. Day:– Departure