Selce & Riviera Crikvenica

Selce, a small picturesque coastal place, is situated 40 km south from Rijeka, on the east side of Kvarner bay and it belongs to Riviera of Crikvenica. Long time ago, Selce was famous for fishermen, builders and as a port of Vinodol region, but today it is famous for tourism.

Location of Selce is ideal for everyone who love to travel by motorcycle and enjoy visiting attractive natural, historical and cultural localities. The sea bathing season begins in May which offers a good combination of activities in the area. Along the main port there is a decorated promenade with a great offer of cafes and restaurants.

Crikvenica Riviera is a famous tourist destination on the North Adriatic which has a tradition in tourism in over 130 years. Riviera extends on 20 km of east coast of Kvarner bay and combines places Jadranovo, Dramalj, Crikvenica and Selce. Thanks to its moderate climate and fresh air it is also well known as a health resort.

Crikvenica has developed from roman settlement called Ad Turres. Until 19th Century it was a fishermen’s community, but harbour building lead to development of tourism. With its convenient location close to Middle Europe and main urban areas, Kvarner and Crikvenica have always been interesting as a tourist destination.