Istria & Kvarner
8 days/6 riding days /ca 1500 km

Istria & Kvarner tour will lead us to north part of Adriatic coast, we pass through the island of Kvarner Bay (Krk, Cres, Lošinj & Rab), through picturesque parts of peninsula Istria and mountainous parts of Kvarner outback.

Istria, peninsula on the North Adriatic is rich in vineyards, olive groves and medieval cities. Curvy roads guide us to valley of truffles do ancient roman villages, today tourist destinations.

Our common moto tours also guide us to Kvarner islands, Krk, Cres and Lošinj, where we visit famous tourist destinations. Narrow streets, stone houses, picturesque squares, cosy little cafes are our daily companions. Mountainous outback of Kvarner is just a few kilometres away but with its alpine scenery gives the right contrast to our tours. After meeting with the nature, the culture and the gastronomic offer of North Adriatic, you will wish to come back again someday.

tour description: – Arrival to Selce // After arrival and a welcome drink there is a short introduction and informing about a tour plan. Afterwards a dinner in a local fish restaurant.

2. day – Island Krk & Vinodol // Our tour begins with a visit to Island Krk, our greatest island. The round takes us by side roads through small island places, olive groves and vineyards. Furthermore, we drive through the region of Vinodol, a part of the Crikvenica riviera.

Departure: 9.30 am // Arrival: 5:00 pm // Length of the tour: 220 km

3. day: Istria tour// After breakfast we are going towards peninsula Istria. Our tour leads us to scenically landscapes and curvy roads of Istria. Typical Istrian landscapes consists of hills with silhouettes of medieval cities, slopes rich in olive groves and vineyards. Specificities of Istria are also Istrian agritourism’s, farmhouses who offer great variety of local specialities, dishes with wild asparagus, prosciutto, Istrian cheese and truffles. Around noon we visit one of these in the heart of Istria.

Arrival is in late afternoon, after that we prepare for joint dinner.

Departure: 9.00 am // Arrival: 6:00 pm // Length of the tour: 250 km Adriatic coastal road – island Pag tour // From Selce we move towards south, we drive on the famous moto route, the Adriatic coastal road. Adriatic coastal road is one of the most beautiful moto routes in Europe and there is almost no motorcyclist who visited this area and not drive on it. Curvy roads, cliffy coast, the blueness of the sea and the islands derive from it will follow us almost the entire route.

Our goal is to drive underneath the mountain Velebit to river Zrmanja. After that we will cross the Pag bridge and arrive on the island Pag. We drive back through the mountain Velebit and enter the Lika region. One of the uniqueness of Lika is National park Plitvice Lakes which we will also visit. We return to the coast and go back to Selce.

On the end of the tour a dinner is organised in a restaurant surrounded by vineyards.

Departure: 9.00 am // Arrival: 7:00 pm // Length of the tour: 380 km

5. day: Gorski kotar tour // From Selce we drive to north. This tour guides us to mountainous outback of Kvarner. Curvy and steep roads will guide us to woodlands of Kvarner even though we are only a few kilometres away from the sea. A goal of this tour is to drive through the natural habitats of wolfs, bears and lynx.

On our way back we stop to have some dinner in the hills and enjoy the local specialities.

Departure: 9:00 am // Arrival: 6:00 pm // Length of the tour: 220-250 km

6. day: NP Plitvice Lakes tour // Plitvice Lakes, one of the most beautiful natural phenomena of southeast Europe. In the 1928.  have been declared a National park, where on the length of almost 8 kilometres are situated 16 small and larger lakes combined with over 100 waterfalls.

Departure: 8:00 am // Arrival: 7:00 pm // Length of the tour: 250-280 km

7. day: Island hopping tour-Krk, Cres & Losinj // After only 15 km from Selce, we are on the bridge for the island of Krk. We leave the main routes behind us and we drive on the narrow roads which guide us to ferry boat to Island Cres. We visit the town Cres, Lubenice and Osor, after that we go down over the bridge on the island of Losinj.

After visiting the three islands we go back by ferry boat on the east coast of Istria and by doing that we complete the circle around Kvarner bay. Interesting landscapes and variable vegetation beside us the whole time.

Dinner at fish restaurant in Selce

Departure: 8.00 am // Arrival: 6:30 pm // Length of the tour: 280 km

8. day Departure