Experience  Istria & Kvarner  / 8 days / 6 riding days / ca 1500 km

Istria & Kvarner tour will lead us to north part of Adriatic coast, we pass through the island of Kvarner Bay (Krk, Cres, Lošinj & Rab), through picturesque parts of peninsula Istria and mountainous parts of Kvarner outback.

Istria, peninsula on the North Adriatic is rich in vineyards, olive groves and medieval cities. Curvy roads guide us to valley of truffles do ancient roman villages, today tourist destinations.

Our common moto tours also guide us to Kvarner islands, Krk, Cres and Lošinj, where we visit famous tourist destinations. Narrow streets, stone houses, picturesque squares, cosy little cafes are our daily companions. Mountainous outback of Kvarner is just a few kilometres away but with its alpine scenery gives the right contrast to our tours. After meeting with the nature, the culture and the gastronomic offer of North Adriatic, you will wish to come back again someday. read more …

Explore Adriatic Coast / Motorcycle Tour Selce to Dubrovnik /  8 Days / 6 Riding days / 1700km

Croatian Adriatic Coast Tour will guide us through east side of Adriatic, from Kvarner bay to the south of Dalmatia and backwards. We travel on the Adriatic main road towards south, on the road that is considered one of the most beautiful moto routes of Europe. Curvy roads, cliffy coast, the blueness of the sea and the islands derive from it will follow us almost the entire route.

Our adventure we begin in Selce, on the east coast of Kvarner. After leaving Selce behind we come in Dalmatia, famous for Mediterranean landscapes and beautiful historical cities. Our route goes further to the towns of Split, Korcula, Hvar and Dubrovnik. read more …

3- Countries Tour / Motorcycle Tour through Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovenija / 8 Days / 6 Riding days / 1700 km

This continental tour will guide us through hidden treasures of northern parts of Croatia and also of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

First day we drive the Adriatic main road to Dalmatia and its urban centre, Split. Afterwards we detach to the canyons of rivers that guide us to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its cities of Mostar and Sarajevo and later head to Slavonia.

Slavonia, ‘’the granary of Croatia’’, is situated on the east of Croatia and it is known for its fertile ground, numerous fields, hardworking people and excellent white wine from its vineyards.

After we leave the planes of Slavonia, curvy roads will lead us through small cities and villages of continental Croatia all to way to Zagorje and Zagreb.

Zagreb, a capital of Croatia, is definitely a city worth seeing. With its size it won’t compete with other capitals of Europe but with its richness of culture and life it definitely will. After sightseeing of the Capital, the tour will guide us to Zagorje, a picturesque hilly region next to Slovenia and its capital, Ljubljana. From Ljubljana we are heading back towards Selce and our adventure slowly comes to an end. read more …