Croatia and the whole region offers every moto enthusiast numerous reasons for visit. Curvy roads, picturesque landscapes and exquisite cuisine are only a part of reasons why moto tourists from all over Europe visit these parts.

Widely known east coast of Adriatic with its islands has been a destination for passionate motorcyclists through years, and there is less known continental part of Croatia and other neighbour countries which are full of potential and offer a lot of reasons for visiting.

Our common adventure leads us through interesting and diverse landscapes of islands and North Adriatic coast (Kvarner and Istria) along the coast to hidden corners of Dalmatia and its famous cities, but also through inlands of Croatia, Lika, Slavonia and Zagorje.

Enjoy Istria & the bay of Kvarner

Istria and the Bay of Kvarner combine north part of Croatian coast. This exceptional diverse region includes Istria, the biggest peninsula of Croatia, then the Bay of Kvarner with its four main islands (Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab) and Gorski kotar, a mountainous and forested outback of Kvarner.

Istria-peninsula on the North Adriatic

The inner part of Istria is rich in vineyards, olive groves, medieval cities which are connected with a lot of curvy roads. On tours which guide you to hilly landscapes of Istria, you can come through the valley of truffles, you can visit famous tourist places from ancient times or just relax at some of the numerous agritourism’s and enjoy the specialities of this area.

The Bay of Kvarner is famous for its cliffy coast and the islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab. The long and curvy roads will take you there. Except enjoying in kilometres of fine roads, Kvarner also offers you the possibility to combine moto tour with chilling on the beach and bathing in the sea.

Narrow streets, stone houses, lively squares and a lot of terraces of cafés and restaurants are our daily companions on tours.

Mountainous outback of the Bay of Kvarner (Gorski kotar) which are only a kilometers away from the sea reminds more on the Alpine region and gives the true contrast to our moto tours.

After meeting with the nature, culture and cuisine offer of North Adriatic you will wish to come back again and again.

Explore Dalmatia

DALMATIA includes coastal region of approximately 400 kilometres from the island of Pag under the mountain of Velebit all the way through Dubrovnik. If you wish to come down to the south of Dalmatia from North Adriatic you will travel one of the most beautiful moto routes of Europe, the Adriatic main road. With its 650 curvy kilometres it comes down along the coast, under the mountains of Velebit and Dinara. While coming to the south you can enjoy in a beautiful view to blue Adriatic, on the islands that emerge of it (In Dalmatia there are over 900 islands) and on the silhouettes of dalmatian places which are gathered on the coast.

Our common tours guide us through all main centres of Dalmatia, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik but also to the islands of Korčula and Hvar.

Discover Slavonija & Zagorje

NORTH CROATIA-Slavonia and Zagorje

Although the coast is more famous than the inlands of Croatia and almost all paths leads to the sea, the north parts (from east of Slavonia to Zagorje on the west) give us the undiscovered treasure of continental parts of Croatia. On the east of Croatia between the great rivers as Danube, Drava and Sava there is a fruitful Slavonia, Baranja and Podunavlje. It is very big and significant historical region, widely known for its wide fields, oak forests, scenic vineyards and old wine basements and baroque palaces. If you move west from Slavonia, the road will guide you to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The city you need to visit if ever in these parts. Zagorje, the hilly part of Croatia is situated northwest from Zagreb. The region is known for hilly landscape, baroque castles and a lot of thermal baths.